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Three hip hop greats.


Three hip hop greats.

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Zoom Literally just finished watching Ja’mie on hbo lol

Literally just finished watching Ja’mie on hbo lol

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one time when i was 6 my mom caught me trying to eat pure sugar out of the container so she stopped and said “Would you like to have something even sweeter?” and of course little naive 6 year old me said yes yes i would so she said “smell it first and then decide” and handed me a bottle of straight vanilla extract and of course it smelled like the tears of jesus so i said YES give me and she let me take a huge swig and this is why i have trust issues


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Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it.

— Osho (via poetrea)

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pronunciation |  “sfa-lO-‘la-lE-a
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Photos of some of Team Black Dynamite Season 1 production crew: Carl Jones (Executive Producer/Head writer) Myself (Creative Producer/Supervising Director) Chase Conley (Supervising Character Designer), Ronald Wimberley (Character Design/Layout Assists) Denzel Whitaker( Voice Actor/Editor) Roni Brown (Production CoOrdinator) Roger Webb (Color supervisor) Damon Moran (Prop Supervisor) Diego Molara ( Clean-up/design/color assist). 

Tight crew. Good peoples. We’re all extremely busy working hard on Black Dynamite Season 2. 2014!!!!

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Martin was the BEST!!!

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Twisted Teddys | Preston Craig

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